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What does Carpenter do in Singapore?


On these days, you cannot underestimate the carpenter’s job. Because, without them, you cannot have beautiful furniture such as wardrobe, tables, chairs, doors, windows. Moreover, the presence of the Carpenter in a renovation or interior design is highly appreciated. The responsibility as a carpenter is weighty where they must produce the high-quality furniture based on client’s requirement every day.


One of our main services in MU Carpentry is Carpentry. What is Carpentry offered to our clients? Furniture customization, the Professional advice of interior design to our clients, provide the drawing details of furniture based on client’s requirement and Provide the information of colour scheme for your interior design.


MU Carpentry has involved in a building renovation for 20 years which the company established in 1996. The experience we have can assure that our company is deserved to be considered in a field of building renovation or interior design in the fierce competition between the other interior design or building renovation companies.


We believe that every single client wants the best results for their furniture creation for the building renovation or the interior design. So, we will try our best to provide the best furniture creation services to our clients. The goal of MU Carpentry is to deliver high-quality functional furniture with the best services to our clients. I am sure our clients will not be disappointed once they’ve put their trusts in furniture creation to us.


MU Carpentry located in Sungei Kadut Drive (Near Kranji), Singapore. You can search on the internet about the location of our company or ask the nearby local citizen to find the place of our company.


How To Decide The Appropriate Carpenter In Singapore?

In general, the responsibility of carpenter is to create or customize wooden furniture such as wardrobes or cupboards for home interior design. The carpenter’s job is not easy as you think, as there are several steps needed before creating or customize the wooden furniture for your interior design. Let me give you some suggestions on how to decide the appropriate carpenter in Singapore:


The First step is trying to gather as many information as possible about the recommended carpenter company. You can probably ask your family or other people about the carpenter company for renovation works or interior design to understand more.


The Second step is create the furniture design blueprint. The carpenter usually discusses with the project owner for example the furniture size (length, height, wide), where the owner want to place the furniture, or repair the broken furniture. Also ensure the planning for your furniture creation or customization is fixed.


The Third step is preparing additional design props or items needed for furniture creation or customization. Furthermore, you have to ensure items are handled over to your contractor before they start work on the project. You can prepare these items by yourself or let the contractor make them for you to finish the project.


The Fourth step is preparing the costing and the budget for furniture creation or customization. You can ask your carpenter is the fee or wages for each carpenter is daily or wholesale. Feel free to negotiate with your carpenter how much budget do you have for furniture creation or customization. Furthermore, don’t forget to prepare an extra sum of money in case of unexpected situations.

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