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From small carpentry improvements through to bespoke furniture styles, quality work is undebatable. The first step to avoiding common costly carpentry mistakes is through hiring competent service. DIY projects may not work for most majorcarpentry tasks and this is why you need to find a qualified specialist to handle the job. Mu Carpentry is equipped with good carpenters in Singapore. We provide a diverse range of carpentry services. What set us apart?

Concrete planning

This enables us to understand what you really want so as to avoid simple but costly carpentry mistakes. A lot of planning and preparation aids us to ensure that every detail is considered and catered for. Our planning involves the exact carpentry service you want for your HDB flat and budget to avoid unexpected costs. Other critical aspects that need planning include the plumbing and electrical work. This is to avoid laying them out of order and interfering with HDB’s guidelines. It can be costly to change a plan after the work has already started.

Necessary Permits

A permit from Housing and Development Board of Singapore is required before doing any carpentry work for your HDB flat. Depending on the extent of your carpentry work needed, we make things smooth for you. Safety and sanitation are worth considering to avoid penalties.

Use of Quality Materials

The use of cheap materials in any carpentry work turns out to be costly in the long run. Some fixtures made of sub-standard materials tend to break and even fall off. Good carpenters in Singapore often recommend and emphasise on the use of high-quality materials. This assures you maximum durability while not compromising on the aesthetics.


Although quality carpentry work comes at a price, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Get a quote and know what you’ll pay for the job before we can embark on the project.

Anyone can do carpentry but only good carpenters in Singapore can do it right. Contact us at Mu Carpentry today for a flawless job. Let us plan your carpentry, renovation or any interior design project.

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