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How to Interior Design Your HDB Flat In Singapore?

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Carpenter and HDB Interior Design Singapore


HDB Flat has become the most popular living area in Singapore because of around 80% of Singaporean lives in HDB Flat. Housing Development Board is a government’s authority under Ministry of National Development Singapore which has the responsibility to the housing state in Singapore. It is easy for you to find the HDB Flat in Singapore because the government has built HDB flats in almost every district of Singapore.


MU Carpentry also accepts the interior design inside the HDB Flat. We also have the portfolio where our clients can see some of our works regarding interior design or building renovation. Let’s say we have done the renovation projects on residential condominium such as St Patrick’s Condominium in Singapore.


With our 20 years of experience in interior design or building renovation since 1996, MU Carpentry will provide the best service for interior design four your HDB Flat. We have experienced staff and also the contractors, so the clients can feel free to consult with both of our team or the contractors about the interior design’s requirement inside their HDB Flat.


We believe our clients will feel impressed after they use our service of interior design or building renovation from MU Carpentry. As a professional company, we always maintain the trust with our clients so the clients will not hesitate to visit our company or refer our company, MU Carpentry to their friends if they are looking for the interior design or building renovation in Singapore.


What Are The Tips of Interior Design For HDB Flat?

MuCarpentry | St Patrick Condo Living Room 3D Design option 1 | Renovation Works Singapore | Interior Design Singapore

MuCarpentry | St Patrick Condo Living Room 3D Design | Renovation Works Singapore | Interior Design Singapore

Here are several tips for HDB Flat’s Interior Design:

Create The List

You can create the listing for your HDB Flat’s Interior Design. Make sure you have prepared the plan for HDB Flat’s Interior Design before face to face with the contractor. You can discuss with them regarding your listing of interior design for HDB Flat.


Adjust Your Budget

After you created the plan for HDB Flat’s Interior Design, the next step is adjusting the budget. Always try to avoid the additional costs at an unexpected situation. May you discuss with your handymen such as are the fees or wage for each contractor daily or wholesale? Alternatively, do you have to prepare the tools for them or let the contractor adapt their tools?


Ask The Contractor To Go on a Room Tour With You

After you adjusted the budget for your interior design, the next step is to ask the contractor to come with you and room tour inside the HDB Flat. You also may discuss with the contractor about the interior design requirement and what is the best solution for both sides. Although you are the king, you must listen to the contractor ‘s suggestions as they are expert in a field of building renovation or interior design.


Don’t Forget To Monitor Your Contractor’s Progress

Now it’s the time to begin your project. When the contractor is working on your project, make sure you need to keep an eye out to the contractor to prevent the mistakes that caused by the contractor during the project execution. You also can give the guide to the contractor while the contractor executes your project.

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