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A renovated home is a happy and liveable home. Home renovation is indeed a milestone for most newly-wed couples seeking to move into their new home. However, there is no quality renovation work like that of engaging a qualified and recommended renovation contractor in Singapore. But before you engage a renovation specialist, check the following:

The renovation Contract

Clearly written renovation contract is paramount. The renovation standards as well should match those of the HDB guidelines. A print of the contract is fine. In most cases, a permit and approval may be required before you renovate your HDB flat. Although other renovation items may not need approval by the HDB, it is critical to do proper planning with the help of your renovation specialist.

Registration with HDB

A recommended renovation specialist in Singapore is that who is registered with HDB. This ensures that you’re hiring quality work that is worth your money. No one expects dissatisfaction or substandard work after the renovation is over. HDB guidelines are very comprehensive and comprise of several do’s and don’ts that you must stick to during renovation.


The condition of your flat, quality of workmanship, the type of materials to use and your individual renovation needs determine the actual cost of renovation. It is good to emphasise on transparent pricing with no hidden cost or bill shocks. Everything needs to be laid down in writing. Besides, the package should fall within your budget needs i.e. affordable and competitive pricing.

Time factor

The recommended renovation in Singapore is that which is equipped with an experienced group of designers and architects who can leverage their resources and competence to complete the renovation project on time. Testimonials can give you an idea of how a contractor handles their projects.

A renovation project isn’t just about throwing in new shelves, paint, lighting, cabinets, and ceiling. It is all about utilising the available space while improving the appeal and functionality of a flat. Mu Carpentry has more than 20 years in the industry. Explore their services to see how they can help elevate the interiors of your flat.

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