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Moving into a new HDB flat particularly for the newlywed couples is an exciting experience. However, before getting those keys and moving in it is good to consider renovating your flat. Remember your friends, family members and relatives will want to pay you a visit and it can be very inconvenient to do the renovation once it is occupied. Regardless of the kind of dream design you have in mind, Mu Carpentry is your reliable renovation contractor in Singapore for impressive work.

Reasons why you should Hire Mu Carpentry for your Renovation Project

We Provide a Diverse range of Renovation services

Right from carpentry to renovation and custom interior design, Mu Carpentry is dedicated to transforming your flat into a little haven. Whether you need custom furniture that suit your needs or kitchen cabinets or more, we have the required skills to deliver. We are your one-stop shop for all your interior design and renovation needs.

We’re backed up by Competent and Skilled Designers and Architects

Our reliable renovation contractors are not just professional, they are also friendly and approachable. Just take time to discuss with us how you want your flat interiors to look like. Besides, we can accommodate any practical idea you may have. This means you also participate in the design process.


Who would want to throw away their hard-earned cash to a simple sub-standard renovation project? Who wills to pay some extra cash for something they didn’t expect? All these don’t happen with Mu Carpentry. We’re affordable and we can accommodate any budget. Ask for a quote and know what you’ll pay in advance.

We focus on the End-Result

Being the reliable renovation contractors in Singapore, we give you the picture of the end result and work towards delivering it. Is this not something to be triumph about?

A renovation isn’t renovation unless it is done in a way that meets your expectations. Indulge Mu Carpentry in your HDB flat’s renovation today and create a home of your dreams.

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