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What is Carpenter and Renovation Company in Singapore?


On these days, every building (homes, hotels, apartments, offices) needs renovation. Because without renewal, the building will look bad in the visitor’s eye. The worse thing is if you don’t renovate the building as soon as possible, there’s a possibility that the building will collapse to the ground. You don’t want that to happen, do you?


The involvement of carpentry has become essential for the building renovation. When you do a restoration, you also need to furnish your building to make it look better when there is a visitor comes to your building. That’s why you need to choose MU Carpentry for your renovation company.


MU Carpentry was established in 1996 and armed with 20 years of experience in a field of renovation; we believe we can provide the best quality furniture for your building renovation. Our goal is to provide high-quality furniture with the best services to our clients. When the clients are satisfied with our services, it is another satisfaction for us.


The customer or visitor can see some of our completed project via portfolio inside our store. Some of our completed projects are Choa Chu Kang Grave, Buangkok Crescent and the St Patrick’s Condo.


How To Decide The Proper Renovation Company?

Every people surely need the best renovation company with the reasonable price as their priority. Have you researched if the reasonable renovation fee is suitable with your expectation as clients?  Here are the steps how to decide the proper renovation company based on your needs:

MuCarpentry Renovation Company | Interior Design Singapore

MuCarpentry | Renovation Company | Interior Design Singapore


Find The Reference First

You can find the reference through the internet or ask around your neighbourhood or experienced partner in renovation or interior design. You also can create the comparison between the renovation companies which is suitable for your needs. You can research on the internet or make a comparison between MU Carpentry with another renovation company.


Look Their Track Record of Renovation Services

Before you choose the proper renovation company, you need to look at their track record, the review from clients who used their services or visit the company renovation directly. At least you know if these renovation company will give the best and optimum improvement for your building.


Price and Payment System

Standard payment with high quality is the best choice. Also, the system of Down Payment (DP) until repayment has become the main point of high-quality renovation services.


Guarantee and Maintenance Fee 

You are eligible to ask this question to your renovation company just in case if there’s any damage after the renovation finished or not fit during installation. I suggest you should find the renovation company which gives you guarantee and free maintenance fee which caused by the negligence of the handyman.



When the renovation prices are high, but the renovation service is not suitable for the client’s expectation, surely the clients will be disappointed. You can select the good services, and the ease of consultation for your building renovation can be an alternative for you to decide the renovation company.

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