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Carpenter and Renovation Works


The building renovation has become the promising profession. No wonder some clients are willing to pay much money to hire these contractors to renovate their building (home, hotel, office and so on). During renovation works, some carpenters are tasked to manufacture the furniture in the workshop before bringing over for installation. Without the involvement of carpenter, the renovation plans will not be fulfiled. MU Carpentry is your solution for your problem Carpentry for interior design or building renovation.


Since 1996, MU Carpentry has involved in the field of building renovation or interior design for 20 years. We believe that with our experience in an area of renovation or interior design, we will provide our best services to the clients who need the interior design or building renovation’s assistance from us.


Located in Sungei Kadut Drive, Singapore, MU Carpentry provides three services to our clients. The first is Carpentry which focused on furniture customization based on client’s request. The second is the interior design which focused on discussion with the clients about design aesthetic. The third is renovation works which focused on-site coordination and site renovation from top to the bottom of the house.


MU Carpentry also provides a free consultation with our clients about the requirement for the building renovation or interior design. We have experienced staff in a field of building renovation or interior design, so our team will be happy to assist our clients regarding building renovation or interior design.  


Tips The Preparation Before Calling The Contractors


Here are some tips as your preparation before calling the building contractor for your building renovation or interior design:


Create The List

You can create the details about anything that needs to renovate inside your listing. Moreover, don’t forget to bring your listing when you meet up with the contractor to make sure if they have experience in a current field.


Select The Contractor Carefully

You can make the comparison between the contractor services by talking to at least 3 or 4 different renovation contractor. Moreover, don’t forget the estimate the price and duration of renovation from each contractor. If possible, you can ask the reference from your family or your friends who has renovated before.


Ask Them To Home Tour With You And Explain The Specific Task

You can ask him to home tour with you while you explain the specific task to each contractor. So, they will have an opportunity to ask and understand your requirement.


Ask The Contractor’s Fees

You can ask the contractor for the breakdown of the fees for their services. Also you can ask them if you need to prepare any items such as furniture or the contractor will provide all of these items ? This question is to anticipate additional unexpected cost that you need to pay. So you can have the preparation for the money.


Select and Hire The Experienced Contractor

The experienced contractor will speed up the renovation duration. So they would not have much delays since they have renovated many homes for many clients before.