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Carpentry Work includes:

  • Customised Furniture: We create furniture designs that fit your personal lifestyle.
  • Professional Advice offer the customers the best in interior design.
  • Provide detail drawing furniture follow customers’ requirements.
  • Colour Scheme Advice to create your own color scheme for decorating.


Interior Design includes:

  • Discuss Owner Requirements about their desired aesthetic.
  • Theme Discussion: Decor & Architecture Theme.
  • Come out with Space Planning Details and Discuss with Owner: how the space is to be used, the activities will take place in those zones, how people will move through the space and details of all the furniture, equipment and hardware placement.
  • 3D Colour Design Perspective


Renovation work services includes:

  • Site Coordination: coordinating the customers’ homes around our uniquely developed palette.
  • Site Renovation from Floor to ceiling: we do everything from small projects to full remodels.

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